Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing rain gutters. It’s for that reason that we created the frequently asked questions about rain gutters.

Why are seamless aluminum gutters better than plastic gutters?

Seamless aluminum gutters are better because they are extruded from an aluminum coil. There are no joints or connections, which tends to leak over time due to expansion and contraction.

Are gutters available in colors?

Yes, we have a variety of colors, which are very close to most house or trim colors.

Will snow and ice damage the gutters?

No. Gutter Man Inc. gutters are installed with hidden hangers which are screwed to the fascia 16″ on center in most applications. The weight of snow and ice is not an issue on asphalt roofing. Note: Slate and metal roofing have been known to damage gutters from the sliding of snow, not the weight.

Why do plastic gutters leak between the gutter and fascia?

This is a common problem with plastic or vinyl gutters because the gutters are installed after the brackets are attached to the fascia which leaves a space between gutter and fascia Gutter Man Inc. are installed flat to the fascia and sealed with a silicone sealant. Gutter Maintenance Is The Key To Long-Lasting Gutters Clean leaves from your gutters twice a year, or hire a company that specializes in gutter cleaning and maintenance. You’ll extend the life of your gutters and eliminate problems like backed-up gutters and plugged downspouts.

How much is it going to cost me?

It’s hard to find a web site to just quote you a price. There are many variables involved in determining a price. From landscaping around the house to the number of levels from the ground the gutters will be installed at. A professional estimate should be done on your house to obtain an accurate price. Gutter Man Inc. will provide you with a free estimate.

What are the advantages of using gutter guards?

Having dirty, clogged gutters prevents waterflow and in some cases can be worse than having no gutters at all. If you do not have the time or ability to clean your gutters and perform regular maintenance, then you will want the protection of gutter guards. Gutter guards help prevent clogs, birds nests, debris, and plant life from building up in your gutters while still allowing water to pass and drain through your gutter system.

Why should I have seamless gutters installed?

Seamless gutters are nationally recognized as the most popular form of guttering. It eliminates unsightly seams and reduces the possibility of leaks. There are many colors to choose from and the baked on enamel finish never needs painting. Seamless gutters protect the beauty of your home and expensive landscaping. Fabricating on the job provides you with a custom fit. Most jobs are completed in one day.

Gutters? Why Do I Need Gutters?

At Gutter Man Inc. we try to answer that question as simply as possible, and the answer is . . . drainage!

A properly installed gutter system can greatly reduce, and in most cases eliminate, the following drainage problems:

  • Water in the basement due to excess rain or an early thaw
  • Moisture build-up behind siding and fascia boards, which will eventually cause decay
  • Overall wear and tear on siding, window casings, decks, and garage doors caused by the pounding force of rain coming off of the roof.
  • Erosion of expensive landscaping caused by rain washing it away
    Aid and direct melting snow and ice from dripping on walkways and parking lots. This can eliminate a potential injury or liability for a business owner.
  • And don’t foreget about that annoying drip of rain on your forhead!

We offer a top-quality product, and excellent workmanship. We feel you will be pleasantly surprised by our competitive bids and relatively small costs involved to protect your single largest investment – YOUR HOME!!!

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