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5″ & 6″ Gutters

Gutter Man Inc. Is now pleased to offer the latest in 6 Inch rain gutters.

Typically used for Commercial use, 6” seamless Gutters are making their way into residential buildings.

6” seamless Gutters are made for larger roofs with larger surface area to drain.

Here are some of the benefits to choosing the 6” gutter System:
• Handles twice the amount of water the standard 5” seamless gutters handle
• Made of stronger material, Up to .032 gauge Aluminum
• Less chance of gutters clogging when paired with large 3×3 downspouts.
• Easier to clean
• Larger Gutter covers more of the fascia
• You don’t need as many drains per piece. 5 inch gutter typically drain 45 ft per drain. With 6 inch gutters can drain up to 60 – 70 feet per drain.

Comes in a variety of colors to choose from (White, Wicker, Brown, Almond, Black & more)

If you are looking for the best water drainage system, then choose the NEW 6” Seamless gutter from Gutter Man Inc.

Serving Greater Moncton for over 10 years!

Don’t wait until the next rain storm, give us a call today and have your gutters repaired by Gutter Man!